Merritt McKenzie

Empowering and Engaging Health Care Executive
"The best way to predict the future is to create it."
Abraham Lincoln


I am a healthcare executive with over 25 years of experience in strategizing and leading change to improve patient outcomes, organizational revenues, and to achieve earnings growth. A diverse perspective in both the C-suite and boardroom place me in a unique position to expand teams to work toward shared objectives. 

Purpose Driven Executive

My leadership style helps foster the growth of engaged and passionate teams. I’ve proven to be successful at growing revenue, earnings and market share, increasing customer satisfaction rates, and sustaining high levels of employee morale. 

Champion Of Diversity

I am passionate about creating workplaces and corporate environments that embrace diversity. I’ve always been interested in how people are different and the variety of cultures, lifestyles, beliefs, and values they contribute to organizations and society at large. This passion has led me to advocate for diverse workplaces where all types of employees feel valued regardless of their identity or background. I’ve been valued for my high character and doing the right thing for all stakeholders.  

I firmly believe it’s critical to be proactive, assertive, and have a sense of urgency in reaching organizational goals. I always strive to add value, offer innovative ideas, and implement meaningful changes that result in the desired outcome. Respected for asking thoughtful questions that inspire executive teams to think differently, I progress top-level strategy sessions beyond passive discussions.

My competitive drive is the initiative that moves projects quickly. I balance my confident and independent nature with the flexibility to adjust ideas when needed. By doing so, everyone wins. 

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