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Melanie Foley is a Fortune 100 executive, P&L leader, and board member with more than 25 years of business experience. She is known for her unique ability to unlock the power of people to achieve strategic, operational, and financial goals. As EVP and Chief Talent and Enterprise Services Officer, Melanie has transformed Liberty Mutual Insurance Group’s (LMIG) complex talent organization, improving the workforce engagement and productivity for long-term growth. Direct, decisive, and empathetic, she creates cultures of flexibility, authenticity, and equity. 

Recognized for a business acumen that extends beyond her world-class human capital expertise, Melanie is often selected for high stakes executive roles. She led LMIG’s COVID-19 crisis response team and is driving its post-pandemic “future of work” strategy. She was also the primary architect of the company’s ESG strategy, creating enterprise-wide policies, establishing the ESG function and hiring LMIG’s first Chief Sustainability Officer.  

A P&L leader with a value creation mindset, Melanie developed new distribution channels and strategic marketing alliances to drive profitable growth in the sales and customer services functions, growing revenue from $3B to $8B. Melanie also developed a strategic partnership with CUNA Mutual Group growing related revenues from $40M at inception to $1B. She has been involved in multiple M&A transactions including LMIG’s divestiture of Liberty Mutual Life Insurance and Liberty Mutual Benefits Company in 2018. She has personally cut $300M of costs from LMIG’s talent organization while leading a team of over 1,400 people.

Melanie is an innovator and digital pioneer who was among the first in her profession to recognize the power of workforce enabling technology as a competitive differentiator. She guided eCommerce investments that drove 3X industry-average growth in new business. She also created a Global Employee Experience Office and “Digital First” team of product owners to digitize all employee productivity systems. She is the co-founder and a current board member of WorkGrid Software, LLC, an LMIG subsidiary that markets and sells a proprietary, cloud-based digital-assistant software solutions for a seamless employee experience across disparate systems. Initially developed for LMIG’s own use, Melanie recognized a marketplace gap and led the productization and go-to-market strategies for WorkGrid, (which has been recognized as a workplace technology solutions leader by Digital Workplace Group), Gartner Eye on Innovation, and Step Two.  

Melanie is an accomplished board director and influential voice on strategy development, governance, risk, and stakeholder management. In addition to her WorkGrid Software board role, she is the executive liaison to the LMIG Board and Compensation Committee on all matters related to executive compensation, DEI, human capital/talent management and ESG. She worked with the board to reengineer CEO and C-team compensation under intense public scrutiny, significantly enhancing transparency of pay practices to stakeholders globally and aligning executive pay to performance.  

Melanie previously served on the board of Insurance.com, an insurance aggregation platform start-up. She is a Trustee of Boston Medical Center, where she also serves on the Patient Safety and Quality, Insurance Captive, and Community Health Center Committees, and of Bentley University, where she serves on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Compensation and Benefits, and Student Affairs Committees

A role model and mentor to women leaders and speaker on resilience, leadership, and the advancement and retention of a diverse workforce, Melanie has participated in numerous podcasts and webinars, and was featured at Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women Summit. She has a BA from Boston College and an MBA from Bentley University. She enjoys traveling, golf, and spending time with her husband and four children.

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