"The best way to predict the future is to create it."
Peter Drucker


I am a self-starter and a risk-taker. I’m unafraid to jump into leadership roles, encourage entrepreneurship, and explore all the ways technology improves our lives. As an experienced management professional, I’ve worked in marketing, sales, operations, data analytics, finance, and other capacities.

Tech For Good

I’m an experienced cross-cultural worker who specializes in the tech industry. I am an education-minded entrepreneur who has a long history of working with active and passionate people. I believe that everyone should get the opportunity to live life to their fullest potential and pursue opportunities. To help inspire the next generation, I volunteer at VoloCity Kids. VoloCity Kids is a nonprofit organization that provides athletic resources for underprivileged children.

Enthusiastic Entrepreneur

Having bootstrapped businesses and started projects with limited guidance and direction, one of my strengths is creating a path and solutions for success. My eye for detail, a mix of creativity and intelligence, and the ability to adapt quickly make me an effective entrepreneur. I think strategically and thrive in chaotic environments while remaining detail-oriented.

I’ve been rejected from jobs, schools, and more in the past several years but have shifted my mindset. I understand that failure is a part of entrepreneurship. And, it’s how we handle failure that defines us. Even when the odds get stacked against me, I move forward to pursue a favorable outcome in whatever goal I put focus on.

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