"When you’ve exhausted all the possibilities remember this: you haven’t."
Thomas Edison


Many B2B companies blame the pandemic, the economy, competitors, and aggressive buyers for their inability to close deals and grow profitably. The root cause of the problem, however, often lies with the commercial leaders themselves. As an expert in pricing and profitable growth, I show commercial leaders the barriers they’ve created and how to overcome them by going-to-market, pricing, and negotiating differently.

I provide consulting and training to commercial and financial leaders in a variety of B2B industries (software/SaaS, industrial manufacturing, process manufacturing, life sciences/healthcare, medtech, fintech, and B2B services.) I’ve partnered with startups, midsized companies, and Fortune 100s. I deliver unique, actionable solutions tailored to specific client needs. My practical commercial strategies have led to $billions in win-win deals and profitable revenue.

I have experience on 5 corporate boards (construction management, software/SaaS, telecommunications and managed service provider, and professional services.) As a board director, I address highly complex challenges while fostering positive board dynamics. My board peers and CEOs appreciate my broad and diverse network, my international experience spanning multiple continents, and my actionable advice and willingness to serve as an advisor to the c-suite outside our meetings.

My nonprofit board experiences have led me to hands-on work with Boston’s homeless population and a commitment to addressing poverty and unemployment in the inner city. I’m combining my corporate experience with entrepreneurial thinking and learning from the for-profit space to combat these complex social problems.

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