"Cities that are built for sustainable energy are cities built for the future, where human beings can live in harmony with the environment."
Ban Ki-moon


With over 25 years in corporate America, I have a strong track record of driving transformation and change on a global level. I’m passionate about strategic growth, innovation, and emerging technology, especially in energy and environmental markets. As a P&L leader, I’ve managed multi-metric improvement year after year. My extensive experience ranges from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies and I have received repeated recognition for my leadership and execution abilities.

Throughout my career, I’ve excelled in driving multi-metric improvement year after year. This passion has allowed me to achieve mission alignment, ensure governance and regulatory compliance, and build strong relationships with boards. In my various roles, I’ve mastered concurrent leadership, growing revenues through the commercialization of new products and offerings, while also managing cost structures for legacy products, resulting in sustainable double-digit growth.

My dedication lies in enabling a sustainable future, where an emphasis on clean energy takes center stage. Through a holistic approach that emphasizes community engagement and fosters a robust STEM talent pipeline, my mission is to ensure that we take this vision from inception to fruition.

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Lisa Salley - Global Energy Strategist

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