"Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you."
Ruth Bader Ginsburg


As a Founding Partner of Sage Search Advisors, I excel at finding and hiring talent to fill open C-Suite business managers, operational, risk management, and fundraising roles in financial firms. 

Having served as the Managing Director in the Equity Derivatives Group at Goldman Sachs and as a Managing Director and Co-Manager at UBS, I bring valuable insight, perspective, and problem-solving skills to the executive table.

Fluent In Capital Markets

With years of involvement in financial markets, I’m fluent in capital markets. My background includes equity derivative trading at Goldman Sachs and close work with SAC Capital portfolio managers to optimize returns using derivatives. 

I’ve invested years cultivating relationships personally and professionally, and I’m grateful to have such a strong network to call upon when opportunities present themselves, whether it’s helping with a professional placement or working on large-scale capital campaigns. 

Mentor And Manager

While at Goldman Sachs, I Chaired the Women’s Network for many years. My influence introduced more diversity by launching a mentoring program for senior women. 

Having served on multiple boards and committees, I’ve administered trusts, held committee seats, and served as a sponsor and mentor to underserved communities; I want to continue to do good.

In 2012, I decided to forge my path, founding Sage Search Advisors. I applied my industry experience and knowledge as a hiring manager, line producer, investment professional, and business builder to streamline others’ executive search processes.

My financial industry experience places me in the perfect position to identify, assess, and recruit talent for hedge funds, investment banks, private equity, credit, and asset managers who need well-qualified individuals to help them meet their objectives. An increasing number of clients works with me and my firm to recruit high level, across-the-board-diverse talent. 

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