"You are love and light, born from the stars and a blessing to the earth. Allow that beautiful energy to shine."


I have always been one to take a broad overview approach to the big picture by unraveling the many nuanced details involved. I’ve always enjoyed helping others achieve their goals using a defined step by step process. I prefer to lead by example and never lose sight of the individual and collective energy necessary to ensure the best possible outcome.  

As a team player, I am an enthusiastic, motivated, and creative problem solver.

My goal is to bring together all of my guides, teachers, and mentors to create an online healing community. We’ll offer zoom yoga, breathe work, meditation and other healing classes, private 1:1 coaching, group coaching and future group travel retreats.

Personal Growth Partner and Mentor

Having experience designing and building health and wellness brands, I am passionate about partnering with brands and expanding their model from ideation to national coverage.

As a growth partner, I seek to build firm foundations in all my personal and business relationships. My appreciation of different environments and cultures has presented opportunities for creating holistic, mindful, and health-conscious initiatives.

Change and Rain Maker

I take great pride in empowering people with the tools and information they need to live the best life possible. I’m available to help clients overcome addictions, navigate troubled relationships, and deal with the trauma that affects their physical and mental health.

My techniques help with spiritual renewal using holistic approaches, including yoga, guided meditation, breath work, and motivational courses, to bring about measurable change.

I firmly believe that everything begins when people become empowered. With the right toolset and approach, anyone can create healthy, strong foundations in their personal and professional endeavors.

In addition to investing in these catalysts for change, consistent work while being true to your authentic self is necessary to meet stated goals and objectives.

Wellness Warrior

Many battles in life must get fought more than once to win. As a heart-centered business-minded individual, I always seek to help people find balance and harmony in their personal and professional life, and I’m seeking opportunities to help more people achieve their goals.


Photos of Lina by Robert Farber.

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