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Lee has been an advisor to executives and directors at Fortune 100 companies to start-ups for 4 decades, known for his ability to parse through complex systems and processes & develop technology-enabled, practical solutions. He is an expert in business transformation, risk and controls, advanced technology and strategy development. He worked across industries, sectors and continents.

His career was built on a foundation of technical and management work in engineering, construction and operations. His consulting work began with troubled nuclear power projects facing billion-dollar overruns. He co-founded a management consulting firm, built a successful business and served as an expert witness in civil litigation dealing with multi-billion-dollar programs. He joined Deloitte as a partner in 1997 as a leader in the management and technology consulting business. He served some of Deloitte’s largest clients and oversaw delivery of technology-enabled transformation projects.

After the Sarbanes-Oxley legislation, Lee developed and led the consulting offerings to help executives and boards deal with the new challenges. He established the Enterprise Governance consulting practice and helped launch the Deloitte Center for Corporate Governance. He promoted efforts to improve technology competence on boards. Lee is an OCEG Fellow who helped shape the early ideas of GRC and the GRC Capability Model. He was recognized for his guidance on technology for governance, risk management, and compliance. He expanded his focus to helping clients improve data management and business analytics capabilities. He built alliances to better support clients, and working closely with many technology firms, including SAP Oracle, and HP.

Lee is a mentor, coach, and source of inspiration and energy. He pushes individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential. National Law Journal named Lee to the top 50 “Governance, Risk and Compliance Trailblazers and Pioneers.” Treasury and Risk Management magazine identified Lee as among the 100 most influential people in Finance three years in a row. Consulting Magazine named him to its list of The Top 25 Consultants in the world.

After retiring from Deloitte, Lee relaunched his own firm, Business Solutions, Inc., and continued to advise clients around the world. Lee experienced a major health event in 2017 and tackled a stage IV cancer diagnosis. He overcame the challenge and leveraged his experience to establish a wellness center (RPL Personal Solutions), to help clients achieve their Recovery, Performance and Longevity goals.

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