Laurie Zorn

Talent Champion
"Helping humans authentically realize their potential and create cultures of excellence"

Experienced Organizational Anthropologist and Strategist

Enabler of Unlocking Potential


I am a human capital professional, strategist and coach.  I have extensive experience assessing and developing talent as well as leading organizational change across various industries.  I’ve built strategic senior-level client partnerships, guided cross-functional teams, and always nurtured a continuous growth, development, and improvement mindset.

Experienced Organizational Anthropologist and Strategist

I bring nearly two decades of experience working across various industries and organizations from startups to Fortune500 as both a consultant and an executive.  I am able to acutely observe organizations, and effectively make long-lasting positive changes.

My breadth of experience working with teams and people from all walks of life provides me with a unique perspective to evaluate issues from multiple angles.

Enabler of Unlocking Potential

My forward-thinking approach to life and business helps me connect with others to gain valuable insight and trust. I have a growth mindset, and learning about others and helping them achieve their goals motivates me. A passionate problem-solver, unleashing potential in people and processes is a “win-win” for all.

Of all the things I’ve enjoyed most in my career, it would have to be creating impact – all centered around human capital.

Currently, I’m launching my practice focusing on Organizational Strategy, Talent Development, and Executive Coaching.

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