Kobie Hatcher

Impact Creator
"Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty. Act with integrity."


My work centers around driving impact. I lead digital transformations that deploy technology to bring about positive change and view business growth as a means to create opportunity and promote equity.

Since the onset of my career, my passion for education has played an ongoing role in my work and continues to do so. I combine this passion with my expertise in technology at the intersection of large institutions and public sector clients.

Purpose Driven Entrepreneur

My mission is to create a positive impact by using technology. Technology is our tool to disrupt bias and close various gaps.

Solutions Oriented Disrupter 

My multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving allows me to approach the ‘unsolvable’ and ask the right questions to reach the root of the problem and create fitting solutions. I bring together software developers and business executives to implement effective mobile and eCommerce solutions.


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