"Leading doesn’t count if nobody follows"


As a strategic implementer, I utilize my expertise in technology to provide the highest levels of patient care. I synthesize a unique combination of strategy, tech, and implementation to solve the dilemma of the quadruple aim: better health outcomes, more engaged patients, lower costs, and improved caregiver satisfaction.

Impact Creator

Change is inevitable. As an impact creator, I leverage technology to enable clinics and hospitals to assist with necessary transitions. With a focus on people, I build teams where everyone can develop their purpose and be their best self. When people work in unison towards reaching a shared goal or objective, I firmly believe that great things can happen for everyone.

Energizing Servant Leader

As an energizing servant leader, I listen to the needs of others and communicate with transparency. My ability to communicate effectively builds trust with internal and external partners. During times of change, my gift for clear communication helps everyone focus on their common goal or objective. Collaboration is essential in effectuating positive changes within organizations and around the world.

Always in pursuit of a better world, I pioneer new ideas and strategies in service of guiding an organization into its unknown future. My ability to keep looking forward comes naturally – fueled by years of experience in technology and healthcare.

As a respected speaker, I can play many roles: teacher, motivator, and leader. My ability to ask the right questions and challenge the status quo helps clients envision their success in an ever-changing world. By asking leaders probing questions and examining assumptions, we can quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses of the organization and each team member.

I find my purpose in helping others be the best through self-actualization, fostered by individual growth and development.

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