"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed."
Booker T. Washington

Driver of Operational Discipline & Excellence


With a proven track record of business turnarounds, I’ve guided underperforming operations and managed industries undergoing rapid technological or competitive change. My skills as a Change Management Leader align organizations with achieving maximum results. I strive to drive operational discipline and excellence, leverage technology, and develop talent to grow organic revenue expansion through various approaches.

Collaborative, Inclusive Leader

I thrive on transformation and change; my P&L focus helps provide structure in whatever project or team that needs it while also being open to collaboration when needed the most. I always seek to embody every element from strategy to execution.

The driver of Operational Discipline & Excellence

Experienced at combining the best of all worlds,  I drive retention and empower people. In addition, I utilize my leadership skills on all levels,  taking care to balance business management with leading P&L responsibility and developing talent. 

I believe it’s crucial to seek solutions that create win-win situations all around. It’s essential not just to be inclusive but also to be a thought leader who focuses on- bridging gaps. Using effective communications, I seek to empower those left out and connect with them more empathetically to close gaps in the corporate world. 

In my role as the senior vice president of retail operations in Chicago, I’m responsible for re-imagining many aspects of Walmart’s business model, ranging from creating local partnerships to distribution and logistics. In addition, I’ve been instrumental in developing new technology to help make our customers’ lives easier.

My change management background helps the organizations I work with to transition from traditional hierarchies into more open, participatory models where everyone’s opinion counts equally, regardless of tenure or service length.  These two skills combined are beneficial for recruiting new talent and making critical executive decisions that affect the organization.

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