"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them"
Walt Disney

Building Strategic Partnerships to effect positive change


I’m passionate about helping those most in need who are having trouble helping themselves. My goal is to influence and aid in developing healthcare policies that improve everyone’s outcomes, particularly the aged and elderly.

Purpose Driven Innovator

My experience working in rural areas has provided valuable insights into how to serve those who live in these communities more effectively. I want to apply my background in this sector of the population, to lead and create affirmative action while advocating for improved healthcare for those who live in underserved regions.

Empathetic Mentor

I believe that ongoing learning is an essential part of personal and professional development. I take great joy in mentoring and supporting individuals to be the best they can be. I always seek to assist and support others for the best possible outcome. I help create transformation pathways, keep an open mind, and explore ideas that advance healthcare for the 21st century’s needs.

Policy Change Expert

One of my most notable achievements was drafting a Bill that preserves rural hospitals in Louisiana. Authored by Senator Mills, the Bill passed both the House and Senate with only 1 Nay.

As a leader, my mission includes caring for those most in need, including the sick and suffering. My skills and ability to testify on health policy support “care for all” to the legislature have enlightened my understanding of why these initiatives are so significant for our country and humankind’s future.

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Karen Wyble - Policy Change Expert

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