Karen Boykin-Towns

Results-Driven Leader
"You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas."
Shirley Chisholm

20+ years experience as Strategic & Results Driven 
business leader


I’m proud to be a senior business leader. I’ve built credibility and gained valuable insights serving underserved communities by working towards equity and social justice causes. As a strong voice, I’m not afraid to initiate tough conversations to build coalitions and resolve pressing issues.

Results Driven Leader

Empowering others is my leadership style. When things get challenging or reach crisis level, I raise issues, deal with them, and create a strategy to approach the problem.

When needed, I draw on my pitch skills to raise awareness and get points on decision-makers’ radar to effect change. In whatever endeavors I embark on, my goal is always to continue contributing to the greater good.

I believe the path to success is best accomplished by surrounding oneself with the right people and empowering them to succeed. As a team builder, I recognize my responsibility to instill values to create a better and brighter future, filled with equal opportunities for all.

Agent Of Change

My experience in public relations, strategic planning, and community outreach have enriched me with a knack for connecting with people across a broad spectrum.

With a unique perspective of leading businesses and organizations, and working civic, government, and corporate goals, I dynamically bridge communication gaps, bringing people together on common ground.

Areas that I’ve impacted include Global Healthcare Policy, Advocacy, Public Affairs, Corporate Affairs, Inclusion, and Diversity.

We live in interesting times, and I’m enthusiastic about applying my skills to forge new paths and generate meaningful change in today’s world.

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