Joyce Avedisian

Catalyst for Culture Change and Superior Performance
"The purpose of an organization is to enable ordinary humans beings to do extraordinary things."
Peter Drucker


As a consultant, teacher and coach, I’m passionate about equipping and encouraging business leaders to build the mindset and capabilities required to thrive. Throughout my 30 year career,  I have used proven methodologies to clarify values, discover mission and vision, and translate them into day-to-day practices and a high performing corporate culture.

Building a Positive Change Momentum

As the work continues to evolve and change, it’s never been more critical to encourage innovation and transformation than it is now.

As a strong advocate of Servant Leadership, I help business leaders build people-first cultures that foster “win-win” partnerships and cultivate superior performance. This cultural foundation provides a fertile environment for resourcefulness and creativity which, in turn, increases ability to adapt and be resilient in a time of unprecedented change.

Achieving Goals Without Compromise

One of the most notable projects I’ve worked on was helping a Scandinavian sales and marketing leadership team to launch a new drug faster and with deeper market penetration by living their values and building a collaborative culture that drove their initiative.

My published books and articles include Reflecting God’s Character in Your Business, The Course of Knowledge: A 21st Century Theory, Values as knowledge: A new frame of reference for a new generation of knowledge workers, and A patient-centered clinical trial: a new paradigm for organization change.

Currently, my focus is on serving leaders to build vibrant, growing companies based on timeless spiritual principles.

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