"The sidelines are not where you want to live your life. The world needs you in the arena."
Tim Cook


My experience working in Capital Markets, Banking, and Real Estate, has helped me develop my vast personal and professional network. My connections include domestic and international buyers, and professionals in the banking, credit, and insurance industries.

Being a partner at Royalton Capital, a boutique real estate investment and development firm in New York City, I continue to build my network to the benefit of our clients and projects. 

With a deep understanding of real estate underwriting and credit issues, one of my strengths is my ability to transform abstract concepts into actionable solutions.

Results Driven Professional

During my corporate career at several financial institutions working with their clients, I’ve helped create positive outcomes in institutional real estate and real estate development.

In these roles, I gained transactional and leadership experience that increased profitability. I am passionate about boutique deals and utilizing my skills to fuel growth using the best industry practices.

My work in Real Estate Investment includes evaluating opportunities, securing transactions, and creating a business strategy and plan for the property. One of my key takeaways is to stick to simple concepts and aim high on projects of all sizes.

Team Leader And Player

I focus on providing value on every project, whether working as a team leader or as a member. I tackle every project with enthusiasm and strive to produce much higher than “commodity” level products.

Pioneering projects and helping in the development and launch of projects no one else has done before are of particular interest. I enjoy challenges and exploring creative ways to solve problems.

Fluent in several languages, I can communicate in corporate, institutional, entrepreneurial, and creative settings.

Real estate being my passion, I was honored to serve on the real estate committee board of New York State Common Retirement Funds.

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