"In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity."
Albert Einstein


As a taboo-breaking creative director and cartoonist, I thrive on shattering boundaries and sparking conversations that drive positive societal change. My work transcends cultural barriers and ignites global discussions, enabling individuals to embrace their authentic selves and challenge antiquated stigmas.

As the founder of Vanillacooldance, a vibrant online community of over 60,000, I’ve built a platform where frank conversations about taboo topics thrive. With a dash of sass and bold cartoons, I empower individuals to embrace their unapologetic selves, fostering a space where insecurities about sexuality, relationships, and the human body are openly discussed and dismantled. What started as a personal creative outlet has evolved into an international movement, inspiring thousands to embrace their truths and make empowered choices in their lives.

In my roles as a freelance Creative Director and Creator of Vanillacooldance, I’m on a mission to defy norms, shatter stigmas, and empower women. Collaborating with like-minded brands and creators, I lead workshops and initiate provocative activations to challenge the status quo and drive change. Whether through my cartoons or brilliant campaign ideas, I’m dedicated to making a meaningful impact, one laugh and liberated thought at a time.

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