"The only way to make change, is to take action."


Whatever path I choose in life, I lead with passion. 

I’ve always been drawn to the challenges and fast-paced nature of entrepreneurial environments. Throughout my career endeavors, I have made these qualities a constant and it has led me to numerous opportunities where I have led many different and diverse teams in various industries.

My resume is a blueprint of my passion for using my sense of innovation and strategic business acumen to build customer-centric initiatives executed with energy. I’ve dedicated my career to elevating, exciting, and enthusing socio-political lifestyle trends to drive mission-focused entrepreneurial initiatives. I create business development opportunities that are not solely focused on one set of skills but will rather engage my diverse sales, marketing, and business transformation expertise. The mission serves as my guiding star and I do not stop until I have accomplished it. I often utilize my social media presence to serve as a broadcaster connecting issues with the breakthroughs needed to move forward.

I do not back down from a  challenge and am not afraid to lead in an environment of imperfect information or to accomplish tasks under tight deadlines.

My experiences have taught me that it is more important to be flexible; to take a second look at old situations and come up with a new point of view. My multifaceted skills and experience allow me to approach things with a holistic viewpoint.  

Growing up in Hawaii, the ocean was my second home. In Vero Beach, Florida, I feel most at home on my kayak cruising the wide open water. And as you read this, I’m learning to paddleboard for the very first time.

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