"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."
Milton Berle


I’m a passionate Marketing Expert and a cross-generation collaborator unafraid to reinvent strategy, develop vital growth initiatives, and tackle various bold challenges. 

My experience helps build bridges, close gaps, and open communication lines between team members of all generation groups to create synergy and unprecedented success. 

Cross-Generation Collaborator

As a high-energy problem solver, I identify business areas favorable for improving results.

I firmly believe that learning together is a way to win: diversity and differing points of view help bring innovative solutions to life. Each person brings a unique perspective and ideas to solve today’s problems, so every team member is a valued asset.

I enjoy surrounding myself with competent people to gain new perspectives and applying my determination and energy to get things done. I motivate others to perform at their best as well. I value diversity in thought, background, age, experience, and expertise. In my experience, I’ve found this synergy is the perfect formula for generating innovative, unprecedented results. 

Experienced Constructor

Not only do I strive to build relationships as a highly-experienced C-Level leader, but I’m also an expert in the home building industry in the Southwest United States. 

My proven, multiple-decade track record of turning business around with contemporary strategies, groundbreaking growth initiatives, and assembling remarkable teams to tackle issues and obstacles helps to pave a clear path forward. 

From working with Startup companies to turning around existing businesses and developing and re-developing properties to meet evolving needs and demands, I bring a unique set of skills and experience to the table. 

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