Janelle Zwiren

Creator of Transformative Value
"Rules are what the artists break. The memorable never came from a formula."
Bill Bernbach


As an experienced leader, if growth is your challenge, I have the vision and strategies to set your sails right and get to where you want to go.

Head Of Potential

When facing corporate or organizational challenges, it’s sometimes easy to overthink the problem and overlook the most straightforward solutions.

As a “Head Of Potential,” and much like a detective, I help solve problems of all sizes while adding transformative value. My proprietary process of Thematic Growth Engineering helps me guide my clients from episodic to fluid transformation with a project blueprint that uses Voice Value™, Visual Value™, and Visibility Value™ to execute the process.

Early in life, I learned that when approaching a challenge, you must think and dig for answers or solutions. My further experience as a sailor taught me the winds of change could come without warning, and being able to make adjustments quickly helps you stay the course.

My motto is: “Always be willing to fail fast. But don’t be scared to try.”
I want to be part of what’s new, exciting, and moves the world forward.

Creator Of Transformative Value

With an extensive background in consulting, I take joy in helping others succeed. Often, I can complete tasks that others can’t, and I notice details others fail to see. I help companies and organizations spur growth and innovation with analytical and data-driven information.

I evaluate financial, digital, technological, and customer service data to establish a competitive edge. In the category, I help to strengthen the branding position from multiple perspectives.

As a creator of transformative value, I’m interested in delivering accelerated success, inspiring teams, and driving meaningful and measurable results. Previous clients have found me an invaluable asset to their organization.

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