"Be so open-hearted that you’re not close-minded"


As the CEO of The Jamison Group, a $3B NAV real estate development company, I bring extensive fiduciary and governance experience, focusing on strategy, stakeholder relations, and culture transformation. I also serve on the boards of the James Campbell Company, the University of Southern California Board of Trustees, and the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics Organizing Committee, and I am the Past President of the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners for the Port of Los Angeles.

My expertise spans all areas of commercial real estate asset management and investment, including leasing, brokerage, acquisitions, strategic repositioning, capital improvements, and development. My legal background enables me to build consensus and trust among stakeholders. I am passionate about the organizations I serve and am a strong spokesperson and advocate, not shying away from problems and committed to transparency and compassion.

On the USC Board of Trustees, I played a key role in governance reform and leadership advisement. As CEO, I oversee a portfolio of 130+ properties, generating $390M in annual rental revenue. I leverage my extensive real estate expertise to advise the James Campbell Company.

I am a passionate and strategic problem solver, viewing challenges as puzzles to be efficiently solved. As a servant leader who loves working with teams, I am dedicated to mentorship and fostering resilient and adaptive communities. My mission is to drive innovation and sustainability, helping organizations modernize their practices for growth and scalability while building consensus and trust among all stakeholders.

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Jaime L. Lee- Visionary Problem Solver

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