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"Diversity recruiting is a business imperative"


Glenn has been a senior partner in the Financial Services Practice and global practice leader of the firm’s Compliance, Legal & Regulatory Practice. He was also a senior partner in the Asset & Wealth Management Practice. Previously, Glenn held leadership roles in financial services practices at industry-leading executive search firms. Prior to his career in executive search, he was a financial analyst and consultant within a global investment and financial services firm. He began his career as a corporate attorney, working with national clients.

Get Creative with Your Hires

Roles surrounding data privacy and cyber security are all fairly new. You might not be aware of the best positions and experience to search for when considering filling these positions in your organization.

Recruiting for these big roles will be different than other hires at your company—whether that’s in data privacy, data governance or information security.

It’s important to not just put together a boilerplate job description and try to find the exact person for that role. You need to search for the talent that can reach the potential you want in your company. This takes creativity throughout the hiring process.

Companies need to be open to different types of background and talent. You might need to consider hiring junior lawyers and partnering with outside counsel to help develop and hone the appropriate technical skills while putting a strong internal manager in place and advocating for them to develop specific leadership skills.

Look towards technical fields when hiring lawyers, even if they don’t have industry experience. The most obvious legal experience is found with Intellectual Property and Patent attorneys.  Another avenue is looking to people with software development backgrounds, prior to becoming lawyers.  Not only do they have stronger technical expertise, but they’ll be able to speak with the technology team to create automated programs.

For these roles, intangible skills are almost more important than the technical skills, because these people are working across your organization. They are working with the executive team and with Communications and Marketing to solve for a greater problem.

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