Gerhard Michael Eckert

Partner of clients & Crafter of candidates
"Executive search is like being a medical doctor"


Michael Eckert’s career is far from commonplace. His extensive across-the-board and beyond-border experience has proven an invaluable asset to his current field. He is one of Germany’s most highly respected executive search consultants, Managing Partner of Höchsmann & Company.

Michael has been with Höchsmann & Company for over two decades. The executive search firm is widely acclaimed for its creativity, insight and genuine attention to its clients’ needs and interests. It is no stretch to say that Michael embodies all these qualities himself.

Specialties: Höchsmann & Company KG is an owner-run professional partnership specializing in systematic recruitment, target-oriented assessment and individual coaching for senior executives. Our work is governed by the highest standards of quality and ethics.

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