"Water always finds its own level"


With over 25 years steering technology and digital transformations for globally renowned retail, CPG, and finance brands, I’ve honed my expertise in aligning tech innovation with business goals. My journey has seen me lead P&L, M&A, operations, and large-scale transformations in both turnaround and high-growth environments. Born in Nigeria and holding citizenship in both the US and UK, my multicultural heritage has enriched my perspective, guiding my leadership approach in diverse global settings.

Advocate for Women of Color

My extensive global work experience has imbued me with a deep understanding of multicultural business environments. This unique vantage point empowers me to drive change and inspire high-performing diverse teams within Fortune 500 and signature brands alike. This expertise was pivotal in roles like the Chief Technology and Transformation Officer at BECU and CIO roles at industry titans such as adidas, Fox Network Group, Burberry, and Walmart Asia.

Strategist with Global Cultural Understanding

Enabling 100% revenue growth, managing budgets upwards of $800M, and overseeing €3BN P&Ls are among my many achievements. More than just numbers, I’ve consistently leveraged technology to enhance customer experiences, improve employee retention, and cultivate transformative digital landscapes.

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Fumbi Chima - Solutions Oriented Innovator

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