"Opportunities don't happen, you create them."

Health Care Executive with Strategic and Business Acumen


As a healthcare professional, I chose to specialize in surgery because I wanted to make a direct impact on patients’ lives. However, I also wanted to extend my reach and make a difference on a larger scale by educating and developing the next generation of physicians. As an educator and healthcare executive, I have the opportunity to build high-quality clinical and research programs that not only provide excellent care but also develop healthcare providers while delivering a positive impact on communities.

Educator of the Next Generation Talent

As the chair of the Department of Surgery at the Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine at the University of Utah, I oversee all surgical clinical care, research, training programs, faculty, and staff. I have established many academic programs locally, nationally, and internationally, including a global health curriculum for medical students and an Endocrine Surgery Fellowship. As an accomplished surgeon scientist, I have broad research interests and achievements, spanning from inflammation to cancer to the use of technology to improve surgical outcomes. I am also passionate about recruiting outstanding physicians and physician faculty members and creating professional development programs that focus on individual development, mentorship and sponsorship including DEI.

Health Care Executive with Strategic, Creative and Business Acumen

As a healthcare executive, I have a proven track record of increasing revenue and controlling costs by strengthening operational efficiency in clinical programs. I have a strong passion for change management and new initiatives, which include building relationships with institutional partners, expanding clinical programs to improve quality of care, and focusing on individual development, mentorship and sponsorship including DEI. By recruiting outstanding physicians and physician faculty members, I have created professional development programs that strengthen operational efficiency, promote individual development, and ensure that our clinical programs provide excellent care to patients.

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