Eva Chess

Reputation Architect
""You must do the thing you think you cannot do.""
Eleanor Roosevelt


I have spearheaded diverse strategic and operational leadership roles in the financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors. As a lifelong advocate of equal rights, I’ve established grassroots programs and frequently contribute to topics related to women’s equality and advancement.

Turnaround Specialist

My initiatives in various roles proved to be a driving force in creating innovative growth strategies, protecting corporate reputation, and engaging with stakeholders. C-Level executives and board members often relied on my experience and expertise to navigate in times of transformation or crisis, and assist in leading high-performance operational teams.

One of my strengths is helping companies to build and rehabilitate their reputations. I work proactively to help with positioning, brand development, and building relationships as a relationship manager. I’m comfortable in multiple internal and external functions to shape the conversation to create change in organizations of all sizes and industries.

A Strong Voice

Passionate about making a difference, my background in law, communication, and marketing gives me a well-rounded perspective when approaching and solving problems.

As a strong voice in the business community, organizations I work with can trust me to communicate clearly and advocate for their brand and reputation.

For those who may not be in a position to voice their opinions, my work in the legal profession empowers me to rally behind social justice causes and equality for all.

I dare to challenge assumptions. When facing a short-term decision, I evaluate how this choice aligns with the culture, purpose, values, using a long-view approach.

Brand Evangelist

With expertise in PR, communications, CSR and Corporate Response, I am a brand evangelist. I help spread the word and develop brands using a focused content marketing strategy in cooperation with thought leaders in the digital space.

My experience across a broad spectrum of industries and organizations makes me a valuable asset to have on your side.

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