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With a strong commitment to improving patient safety, quality of care, and healthcare access, my journey has been defined by a dual expertise in medicine and business. This unique perspective allows me to approach complex challenges as systemic issues, where I can leverage my clinical knowledge and business acumen to drive transformative changes in digital health. My track record speaks for itself, consistently exceeding financial targets while ensuring that healthcare is more inclusive and accessible through digital innovations.

My role as Chief Medical Officer at Kyruus marked a pivotal transformation within the clinical services department, turning it into a crucial internal partner for sales, product development, and delivery teams. Then, as Chief Healthcare Advisor at World Wide Technology, I continued my passion for healthcare excellence and strategic planning, nurturing a culture of responsiveness and open communication.

Being recognized as one of the “Women in Health IT to Watch” by Becker’s Hospital Review, my approach centers on creating alignment and sustainable success by considering the perspectives of all stakeholders. Drawing from my multifaceted background as a healthcare leader, clinician, tech expert, patient, and caregiver, I constantly seek innovative solutions to improve health outcomes. My educational foundation from institutions like Harvard and Johns Hopkins further enhances my ability to translate the latest data and research into actionable programs, delivering cutting-edge digital health solutions that meet patients’ needs while driving organizational growth.

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