"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."
Nelson Mandela

Multihyphenate in Business and Health


Throughout my years of experience I have grown to become the multi hyphenate leader I am today. I have served in numerous executive positions in a full range of health care settings, including private and public hospitals, academic medical centers, and entrepreneurial medicine in the field of wellness and health promotion.

My diverse background in medical, executive and mentorship roles has allowed me to approach my board positions with a holistic point of view. My interpersonal skills and fluency in English and Spanish assist me in approaching a wide range of issues with cultural translations and considerations. My most recent accomplishment has been providing crisis management throughout the pandemic to the Miami community.

I value the idea of life-long learning and professional development and hope to expand upon my disruptive change, business transformation, financial management, negotiation and international market expertise. I am passionate about advocating for diverse women in leadership positions and providing strategic solutions to improve business efficiency and effectiveness, while ensuring inclusive healthcare to all.

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Eneida Roldan - Board Director

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