"There are no insurmountable problems when you are willing to 
explore multiple solutions for the most favorable outcome."


As a researcher, author, advisor, and active board member, I am focused on issues of diversity, governance, and strategic growth for private and public corporate boards. Currently, I am also a Managing Partner and the U.S. Practice Leader of CEO & Board Services at Boyden, a global executive search firm with 75 offices in 45 countries. 

Growth Strategist 

Fueled by a dedication to leadership, relationship building, and optimizing performance, I have forged a 30-year track record of supporting businesses of all sizes, including large multinational companies, achieve exponential sales growth and shareholder value through my roles as sales executive, coach and consultant, and independent director. I specialize in helping businesses navigate significant periods of change (e.g. mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, turnarounds) by uncovering root causes, crafting strategic growth plans, as well as attracting, developing, coaching, engaging, and retaining key talent.

The capstone of my academic journey has been my doctoral dissertation, where I examined the pathways Black women executives took to secure corporate board seats. From this, I gained powerful insights about the barriers and facilitators unique to diverse candidates seeking board positions. 

Forward-Thinking Executive

Moving forward, I continue to combine my varied competencies and experiences into a powerful blend of oversight, advisory, and thought leadership activities: At Boyden, I work to increase the visibility of the firm’s offerings among both corporate boards and the vast pipeline of qualified diverse board candidates, in turn, helping boards find the directors they need. On the corporate boards I serve, I offer the insights to help businesses aggressively grow their bottom-line and shareholder value during significant periods of change. Through my research and writing, I publish standalone articles and article series. My forthcoming book, Charting an Intentional Path Toward Corporate Board Service: Practical Guidance for Women at Every Career Stage to Secure a Seat at the Table, combines my research insights with my extensive executive, board, and industry experience to provide aspiring and active board members with the counsel they need to secure board positions.

These varied pursuits allow me to continue my journey of learning, listening, questioning, and driving so that executives, board directors, and their organizations may achieve meaningful results and strategic impacts that benefit all stakeholders.


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