"Change what you can, manage what you can't"
Raymond McCauley


Attracting and retaining top talent.

I believe that the success of any organization is built on the people behind it, so attracting and retaining top talent is always my top priority. I try to create a work environment that is engaging, challenging, and rewarding, and I make sure to recognize and reward exceptional performance. I also focus on providing opportunities for growth and development, both professionally and personally.

Strategic thinking skills.

Developing long-term plans and goals requires a deep understanding of the industry, the company’s strengths and weaknesses, and the competitive landscape. I spend a lot of time researching and analyzing trends, data, and market information to inform my thinking. I also collaborate closely with my team and other stakeholders to get input and feedback on our goals and strategies.

A proactive approach to leadership to stay ahead of potential challenges?

One of the keys to staying ahead of potential challenges is to anticipate them before they become real problems. I try to stay on top of industry trends and technological advancements to ensure we’re always prepared for what’s coming next. I also encourage my team to be proactive and to bring new ideas and solutions to the table.

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Doris P. Meister - Proactive Thinker with a Growth Mindset.

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