"Start where you are, Use what you have, Do what you can."
Arthur Ashe


My dual background in healthcare and risk management makes me a unique contributor to any organization that chooses to work with me.

I’m familiar with all aspects of the healthcare continuum, which allows me to apply a holistic approach to managing healthcare issues.

Inclusive Leader

I am someone who genuinely cares about others. I enjoy meeting new people and discovering common ground. Familiar with taking the perspective of a stakeholder, you can rely on me to effectively close leadership gaps.

I lead with empathy, inclusiveness, and understanding. My devotion, experience, and knowledge have contributed to leading healthcare organizations to excellence.

I’ve developed sizable market growth and acquisition plans, conducted feasibility studies and market assessments, and completed a competitor analysis that resulted in an 80% transaction win rate.

Other areas of expertise include coordinating enterprise-wide resource teams and integrating new communities and entities into the healthcare delivery model.

Notably, I added more than fifty employed physicians, and more than 200 contracted physicians to a Provider Network. This growth helped to provide enhanced services to patients, adding value and revenues to the network.

Trailblazing Advocate

I am a trailblazing advocate for diversity and inclusion.

As an advocate for marginalized voices, I lead by example and seek to help companies navigate and adapt in today’s complex world of business, reputation, and communications.

I take great pride in making positive things happen for others in my pursuits, both personally and professionally.

No matter what, you have to ‘start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can’ to achieve your goals.

I also understand that change often doesn’t come from the effort of one person alone. I seek the opportunity to help make positive changes in the world around us whenever possible.

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