"Go with your gut. Recognize the emotion and go rational."

Independent Board Director


Throughout my professional life, I have been fortunate to work for leading global brands all the way to innovative start-ups. The challenges were different, but every approach had a common denominator: be human.

As a general manager, CEO, President and independent board director, I have experienced many highs and lows in business. From managing a domestic violence crisis at the NFL to successfully preparing a consulting firm to be sold to EY. And more or less anything in between. It is about defense and attack; how to solve a crisis and how to make the brand come out stronger.

My expertise encompasses several industries, from consumer goods, food service, retail, media and technology to sports management.

I thrive when there is a need for – strong strategic analysis and vision setting – growth through brand building and industry-leading innovation – industry leadership – organizational restructuring – talent attraction and development (particularly diverse) – mergers and acquisition transactions.

Currently, I focus on three activities that have my passion.

I consult companies that recognize growth opportunities.

Public speaking – Sharing my insights and knowledge with people from different industries, metiers and generations. The subjects I speak on vary from ‘the value of cognitive diversity’, ‘driving business innovation while maintaining culture’ to ‘the power of the brand’.

Serving on public and private boards – This is a great way to utilize my expertise in a broad sense. I’ve served on audit committees in addition to compensation and governance. One of my contributions to a board is that I speak from the perspective of the brand, never forgetting or taking for granted the value of the brand in the boardroom.

The strategy the boards sets out needs to be aligned with the culture of the company. Board culture and board strategy are crucial when defining the company strategy.

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Dawn Hudson - Keynote Speaker - Independent Board Director - NFL - Pepsi

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