"Go with your gut. Recognize the emotion and go rational."


Throughout my professional life, I have been fortunate to work for leading global brands all the way to innovative start-ups. The challenges were different, but every approach had a common denominator: be human.

As a general manager, CEO, President and independent board director, I have experienced many highs and lows in business. From managing a domestic violence crisis at the NFL to successfully preparing a consulting firm to be sold to EY. And more or less anything in between. It is about defense and attack; how to solve a crisis and how to make the brand come out stronger.

My expertise encompasses several industries, from consumer goods, food service, retail, media and technology to sports management.

Band of Sisters is a group of executives whose bond was forged at PepsiCo at a time when the culture was flourishing. It was a culture that supported stepping out, trying new things, Innovating faster than the competition, and it was welcoming of new ideas, new experiences and diverse backgrounds.

We help to engage men and women to identify these situations and, in the process accelerate efforts to strengthen culture and create an environment where all employees participate fully. We bring a transparent, lively approach to discuss practical, common-sense stories and solutions that are rooted in action and positive momentum.

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