"Ignorance is a choice."


As a visionary communicator, I bring a deep understanding of cultures and apply unique perspectives to address several issues, including human sustainability.

Ardent Advocate

As an ardent advocate for human sustainability, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as a leader of change. The causes I rally behind include fighting against systemic racism and advocating for more Black women in the boardroom.

As a highly experienced corporate leader with a multi-faceted background in litigation, psychology, compliance, risk, crisis management, and M&A, I have the experience that provides different perspectives when evaluating situations and structuring solutions.

Visionary Communicator

I am passionate about learning and using the analysis to better understand core audiences and deliver the right messaging to affect change in the organization.

I bring people with different opinions together and work to build a consensus point. Further, I help educate on a variety of relevant subtopics. I feel that ignorance is a choice. By addressing these concerns before they become problematic, companies and organizations can take proactive alignment steps.

As an accomplished senior executive, board member, and lawyer with significant leadership success serving the energy sector, I hold multiple honors and recognitions.

Notably, I’m an NACD Fellow and member of the International Women’s Forum and earned my Juris Doctor from DePaul University.

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