"I am One Human Being, living in One Human Race, working to create One Human World."


Currently, I serve as the Chief Executive Officer at Northshore and Mississippi Gulf Coast Region of Ochsner Health. In my more than two decades of serving in senior leadership positions at various organizations across the country, I’ve always strived to be an empathetic and authentic leader who champions improving humanity through healthcare.

Innovative Transformational Healthcare Leader

I contribute over 35 years of experience in various areas, from healthcare systems to fiduciary and governance to economic development. Other strengths include analyzing and assessing situations to create multi-year strategy plans, the vision to identify new business opportunities where others fail to see the potential.

I want to contribute to creating a more human world with a strong focus on social and educational equity to improve humanity for all. In addition, I see education as a prime driver of economic development and opportunity.

Authentic and Empathetic Connector of People

I firmly believe that stewardship for humanity and business sense can coexist without causing conflict. With out-of-the-box approaches, organizations streamline management without cutting corners on patient care and facility management.

My goal is to synthesize technology with operations, integrate care delivery systems, examine social determinants for innovative healthcare solutions, and drive, influence, and implement advances in preventive medical care on a systemic level.

I am not afraid to ask questions – I enjoy it and find most people appreciate the thoughtfulness of my inquiries. In addition, my strong relationships with senior executives of for-profit organizations, government officials, and influencers place me in a unique position to connect the dots and strengthen the links necessary to ensure I continually have a pulse on what’s going on around me. Further, I utilize my network to help empower others in their efforts and accelerate new technologies.

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Corwin Harper - Steward for Humanity

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