"You are the average of the 5 people you spend time with"
Jim Rohn


With over 32 years’ experience in retail finance for blue chip financial institutions in London, Asia and the Middle Eat, Cordelia provided solutions for an array of clients. She learned that many business owners lacked the skills of how to acquire new clients. Cordelia realised that filling this gap was where her true calling lay.

Cordelia works with organisations that want to increase sales revenue or enhance the skills of their female workforce. She also works with individual women by showing them how to either enhance their career prospects in the corporate world or dramatically increase their business profits as entrepreneurs.

Founder of Pearlescence
A community where female entrepreneurs & corporate professionals can find inspiration, encouragement, and support to lead spectacular lives, through the power of a network.
She uses her skills as a mentor & coach to empower her clients to replace self-defeating traits with effective skills and create amazing business relationships.

Combining these skills, Cordelia has a gift of connecting with people at an emotional and rational level.  She is a confident speaker, facilitator and advocator of how to network effectively.

Public Speaker
Cordelia enjoys public speaking as she has a unique way of opening the hearts and minds of the listeners to all the possibilities of building authentic relationships and creating deep, diverse and rich networks.

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Cordelia Henry

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