"Mistakes are the portals of discovery"
James Joyce

Advocate of true human connections


I’m an experienced media executive, clear communicator and specialize in cross-cultural activities. My deep commitments are Women’s Rights and Human Rights. I’m a enthusiastic advocate for cultural endeavors, including literature, art, classical music, theater and movies.

I’m a passionate writer, have penned many columns, including a book titled THE UNKEPT PROMISE.  In my field of expertise as a journalist and editor-in-chief I have worked for different publications in various cultures and countries in Europe and the Middle East, among them are Conde Nast Publications and Springer Verlag, Berlin, Burda Publications, Munich, all are based in Germany.

I was educated in Germany and the United States and reside in New York City. My training in leadership, teamwork, networking and outreach skills has given me the expertise to develop multi-national services, solving problems with vision and concepts. My multi-linguistic ability coupled with my deep interest in people has assisted me in building many contacts at the highest levels in business, arts and government.

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