"I always know where the hockey puck is going and once in the net, I need to go find the next puck. "


My passion for healthy aging and improving the user experience for older adults drives my efforts to identify innovative programs and initiatives. With over 30 years of healthcare experience, my career has been a blend of hands-on practice and leadership roles.

I am deeply committed to the healthcare consumer, prioritizing people and their well-being in all that I do. My ability to change perceptions and focus on emotional resilience and well-being is recognized in the numerous honors I have received, including the 2024 Academy of Geriatric Medicine Gerson Sanders Award for mentorship in Geriatric Emergency Medicine and being named one of Modern Healthcare’s 50 Most Influential Clinical Executives in 2021.

Beyond my professional achievements, I am actively involved in shaping the future of healthcare through my service on various boards and committees. I currently serve on the Dementia Discovery Fund Scientific Advisory Board, The Schwartz Center for Compassionate Care Board of Directors, the Coalition to Transform Advanced Care Board of Directors and the HLTH Foundation Techquity for Health Coalition. I also contribute to the Advisory Committee for PHTI (Peterson Foundation Health Technology).

At the heart of my work is a genuine care for people and a commitment to advancing the health and well-being of older adults. My journey is fueled by a passion for emotional well-being, resilience, and the belief that we can always find innovative ways to improve the lives of those we serve.

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