"When there’s no name for a problem, you can’t see a problem. When you can’t see a problem, you can’t solve it."
Kimberle Crenshaw


I am a motivated executive-level advisor with substantial in-house and advisory financial services experience, including operational risk and human capital strategy.  I have performed due diligence within eight industry sectors in private equity investing.

I excel at forming creative, evidence-based solutions for complex and sophisticated problems, which businesses face in today’s dynamic environment.

Currently I serve on the National Board of Directors for INROADS. This non-profit organization focuses on mentoring and placement in paid internship roles, preparing diverse talent for various community and leadership roles.  I am a prior member of the SIFMA Diversity Council, a cross industry advisory group, dedicated to eliminating institutional barriers in the profession for historically disadvantaged talent.

Solutions Driven Strategist

I am recognized for implementing winning organic and inorganic growth strategies. In private equity, I performed due diligence and partnered with executive teams on post-close portfolio company management. This was within an institutional investment retirement fund that closed at approximately ~$900M with an average rate of return to investors of ~>9%.

Transferable and critical skills include working with executives, advisory boards and directors in various strategic and tactical positions, to achieve the desired business and performance outcomes.

I have enjoyed working in multiple roles at Fortune 20 corporations within the private sector. My background ranges from product strategy formation, performing revenue opportunity analysis, delivering regulatory analysis in support of strategic and responsive regulatory planning, executing regulatory mandates, optimizing sales force effectiveness, managing talent, organizational design, to developing and accelerating operating model frameworks.

Change Catalyst

At Namaste Consulting, I lead qualitative research on women in senior leadership roles, and my work facilitates female affinity strategy design. Our delivery portfolio includes inclusion experiential learning for non-profit and private industry leaders. Other clients served include higher education institutions. We provide research support and preparation for executive speeches and proposals on inclusion, growth strategy, and vision formation.

As a 2019 USA Eisenhower Fellow, I researched and studied the intersectionality of female leaders’ personal and professional experiences. My work contributed valuable insights into the demands and obstacles that women in these roles face, contributing to greater understanding and development of innovative supportive solutions.

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