"Be the change you want to see in the world."
Mahatma Gandhi


My background in different disciplines across Marketing, Supply Chain, and as a Chief of Staff to a member of the HP Executive Leadership Team gave me a holistic view on the business. The experiences I gained in global and local roles, through setting strategy and through tactical focus, have taught me to couple long-term thinking with operational excellence in order to achieve strategic goals.

An experienced people leader, I am guided by conscious leadership and regeneration principles. My belief is that every person will excel when being treated with respect, empathy and authenticity.

I consider myself a global citizen and live by values deeply rooted in ecology and sustainability, in equality and pacifism. Hiking, canoeing or bikepacking in nature help me regenerate.

I seek to make impact in business at the intersection of my business experience, my leadership principles and my personal values. Please get in touch if you also believe that consciousness in business is possible!

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