"If only we’re brave enough to see it, if only we’re brave enough to be it."
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Bob Howland is a globally recognized expert, known for bringing analog businesses into the digital world. Bob has a unique ability to blend business needs and technology initiatives for maximum stakeholder benefit. He is a P&L executive turned digital evangelist, and a pioneer of bringing modern, composable business architecture to life through enhancements to people, processes, and technology. He is positioned to contribute immediately to a public or private corporate board.

For 30+ years, Bob has been a results-driven leader/advisor for both start-up and mature companies who appreciates and respects the impact of culture on strategic transformation. He had foundational experience with Fortune 50 companies like American Express, GE, J&J and mutual fund giant Vanguard, where he built the industry’s first customer-facing, transaction-enabled website. At GSI, he developed strategy and client expansion initiatives that fueled revenue growth from $300M to $1B+, ultimately leading to its acquisition by eBay for $2.4B.

Bob is currently the first Chief Digital Officer for Dawn Foods, a global bakery ingredient manufacturing and distribution company, responsible for building the company’s digital capabilities from the ground up and integrating modern technology into the entire customer value chain. He designed and implemented a new eCommerce platform – his twenty-seventh such transformation – and developed the foundational business capabilities in support of a B2B eCommerce business. Bob also built the company’s new Digital Innovation Hub in Boston and is driving the technology transition to a microservices, cloud, and AI-driven future. 

As an advisor and consultant, Bob has led complex strategic eCommerce and digital consulting projects for iconic brands like Ace Hardware, Burberry, Estee Lauder, GNC and Zales.

Bob’s executive roles have all required significant board interactions. Bob currently reports to the CEO of Dawn Foods and attends all board meetings. He also serves on the Advisory Boards of Collaborative Gain – a community of senior leaders who help each other lead innovation and customer-centric change – and MACH Alliance – an open and best-of-breed enterprise technology ecosystem. He was previously a board member of PHILADANCO.

Bob is a hands-on leader and mentor to others. He believes in investing in his team and in the development of tomorrow’s leaders helping each to reach peak performance and their full potential. He is a member of the Innovation Advisory Council of Vation Ventures, a forum to help shape the future of technology and innovation. 

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