"Don't confuse motion with progress"
Robert Louis Stevenson


Advisor to Enterprising Families

I believe that families should enjoy what they have, know where they are going and make the most of their lives.

My professional background as a strategic manager complements my experience working with families and my specialized training in conflict resolution methodologies and family systems thinking. This constellation of experience and skills enable me to build stronger familial and working relationships for my clients. I’m passionate about applying my expertise to bring about meaningful change in families who share assets and in companies owned and managed by families.

Relationship Builder

I seek to strengthen relationships with clients, boards, and family members, through exploration of ideas, options, and frameworks that guide decision making toward the best possible outcomes.

As Managing Partner of Continuity, I’ve built on my strong background in business and psychology. Combining my experience in adult family communication and conflict resolution with my business skills I provide clarity, insights, and directional advice to address complex issues that often face family-owned and operated enterprises. 

Strategic Analyst

In a fast-paced world, it’s critical for family-owned and operated enterprises to stay competitive. Building on the strengths inherent in family enterprises and minimizing their weaknesses, I apply my analytical and strategic thinking skills to develop the people and the structures they operate within to keep their enterprises productive moving forward.

My Marketing, Human Resources, and Product Development experience provide me with an understanding of what steps are needed to work toward shared goals.

Public Speaker and Author

I’m the co-author of two books.

The first book, Mom Always Liked You Best is a guide to resolving family feuds, inheritance battles, and eldercare crises. It focuses on helping family members and other parties improve communication skills and become better negotiators and decision-makers.
The second book is titled Deconstructing Conflict. It’s about understanding family business, shared wealth, and power. Through understanding the reasons for conflict and the approaches to managing it, family members can develop and implement strategies to make better decisions, together.

Critical Success Factor

The ultimate benefit I offer is my belief in the importance of maintaining family relationships. I understand that the easiest way out of a difficult situation often isn’t the best way. When conflicts exist within a family or organization, I examine all angles of the issue and explore all potential options for resolution. 

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