"You are... who Google says you are."


I have been working in branding and marketing for over 25 years.

In the early 2000s, I started a global storytelling expedition to help brands, companies, and governments to apply storytelling to convey their message.

I’ve created online publishing ecosystems to help clients improve their online presence.

At Signitt, I’ve taken that expertise to create a compelling online presence for senior management teams and individual senior executives.

Our online presence
We live in a reputation economy where Google has become the new background check. Potential clients, partners and investors will Google you before connecting.

Creating a meaningful narrative online will give us the opportunity to engage with our audience without talking about a service or product.

What problem do I solve
1. Your online presence is not up to speed – and you’re losing business opportunities.
2. Your story is not engaging

“In this time of information overload, people do not need more information… they need a story they can relate to.”

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Baruch Spinoza - Chief Philosopher at CoolBrands People

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