"The highest form of knowledge is empathy for it requires us to suspend our egos and live in another world."


With over 30 years of marketing, strategy, and insight experience, I’m passionate about applying my skills and talents to reach new audiences, create solutions to global product needs, and leverage insights for topline growth.  I currently serve as a Global President at Ipsos Understanding Unlimited a $2B market research company based in Paris, France.  I earned a BSME in Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA in Marketing and Finance from the Wharton School of Business.

Insight Driven Growth Accelerator

In senior leadership roles, I have designed and implemented marketing, strategic and tactical plans in leading industries, including food and beverage, wine and spirits, technology, and education, successfully. I have successfully built profitable brands and product lines with companies ranging from entrepreneurial to Fortune 500 and have held leadership positions within Kraft Foods, Campbell’s Soup, and Pinnacle Foods. As a leader of multi-member innovation teams, my work helped energize a myriad of brands with responsible revenue up to $1.5B.

I previously led the Board of the Child Care Council of Westchester (Chairman) and currently sit on the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access Council of the Insights Association. I also lead our Anti-Racist Employee Resource Group and am proud of the progress we’ve made in building knowledge, allyship, and corporate community.

Giving Voice To The Unheard

I consider myself to be highly creative, intensely analytical and motivated by change. My talents help to unleash organic growth potential in projects in which I am actively involved. Leading our ethnographic and immersive research teams at Ipsos has given me the chance to better understand people, markets, and societies around the world, taking a special interest in advocating for the unheard voices of marginalized communities. I gain valuable insights and a greater understanding of targeted demographics in this role, and delight in translating those insights into actionable plans for growth and change for my clients.

I’m humbled to be an Award-Winning Actress and Writer recognized by Working Mother Magazine and the New Professional Theatre of New York. I’ve been using my own voice, as a singer, writer, and performer to inspire growth professionally and within the varied communities in which I belong.

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