"The sidelines are not where you want to live your life. The world needs you in the arena."

Highly Experienced Medical Device Strategist with Business Acumen


As a highly recognized and strategic visionary, I have three decades of deep technical and business expertise within many facets of the Healthcare industry, amongst others. I am an engaging, courageous, and inspirational leader that connects people with data to make exceptional decisions. Known for my analytical insights and functional innovations, I get results.

Highly Experienced Medical Device Strategist with Business Acumen

I lead with strong credibility, influence, and a range of deep and broad functional experiences, including global general management, operations, diversity leadership, IT services, product management & marketing, quality & compliance, and research & development. 

Authentic Long-Term Relationship Builder

I honed my experience in progressive roles with Sunquest Information Systems, and a long executive career at GE Healthcare, to successfully build impactful teams, transform organizations, and consistently outperform expectations. My track record of maximizing best-in-class performance, spearheading successful innovations, and capitalizing on market opportunities have allowed me to rise through the ranks as a distinguished executive. 

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