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Anthony is a highly effective general manager with a proven and successful track record in managing businesses, sales management, relationship management, corporate development, and operations management. He has deep expertise in revenue-generating positions focused on managing store managers, sales managers, and/or leaders of employees who face off with customers.

Anthony currently serves as Global Payments and Global Client Executive at VISA. His experience building and managing small and agile global teams provides him with the tools to tackle the challenges this role presents.

He was previously responsible for HSBC’s U.S. retail network. Before that, at Chase, he managed 500 bank branches in multiple states (approx. 5k employees), managed a 24/7 call center (800 employees), managed relationships with large external enterprises (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, British Airways, AARP, IHG, Amtrak, Sony, Toys R Us, etc…), led the HR function for 75k people and successfully managed and grew multiple $1B P&Ls.

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