"Your Reputation is your Most Valuable Asset"


In 2002, I started my company, CoolBrands, where I did Storytelling for Brands. I traveled around the world, looking for brands with a purpose.

I interviewed hundreds of CEOs and CMOs until I realized… almost 90% of people I’m talking to are men.

Why are there so few women at this level?

I looked into the matter and found several reasons why:
1. When given an award – men hang it on the wall… women put it in their drawer.

2. Women think they are still in school. Getting straight A’s isn’t enough in a working environment.
3. We’re socialized in such a way, that when men are successful… we look up to them. Successful women are being looked at with disapproval.

 Based on these insights, I decided to spend time on helping women in leadership, to better position themselves. In order to achieve their next business, personal or social goal.

At the end of the day, 50% of the world population is women, so it’s not more than logical that women have an equal seat at the table.

And… there is an overwhelming amount of research that shows that companies with women in leadership are better performing.

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