"People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. "
Eleanor Roosevelt

35+ years of versatile experience in infrastructure


I am a US municipal and project finance executive with 35+ plus years of experience and an extensive background in public-private partnerships. I am well-versed in a wide range of asset types and multiple sources of infrastructure financing, including US tax-exempt capital markets, Private Activity Bonds, commercial bank debt, private placements, and TIFIA loans.

Results-Driven Problem Solver

Throughout my career, I have earned recognition for closing numerous, award-winning transformative projects in the Americas. Many of these first-of-a-kind undertakings faced a variety of challenges. I benefit from a versatile perspective, having worked for and represented lenders, equity, construction companies and public agencies. By appreciating every viewpoint, I am able to seek solutions that are acceptable to all parties around the table.

Risk And Mitigation Specialist

I am expert at risk assessment/mitigation and asset management, especially in complex fluid situations. I am responsible and accountable for making decisions and finding creative solutions that require strategic judgement. As a board member, I have steered two major project companies through start-up and significant challenges.

Trusted Advisor

As a Senior Management Executive, I have successfully built teams and developed new markets. I have advised major public entities in their evaluation of alternative project delivery,  PPPs.  My track record and interpersonal skills are the foundation of a strong market profile and broad network.

Key Negotiator

As a capable negotiator, I have facilitated financial closes for numerous notable transactions and reached resolutions for disputes of ongoing projects during construction and operations. These  projects include Los Angeles World Airport’s Automated People Mover, The Presidio Parkway, Yankee Stadium, Metlife Stadium for  the New York Giants, and the Harrison Hydro Project in British Columbia.

I believe that no project is impossible when you have the right team or people behind it.

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