"We’re all more powerful than we could ever dare to imagine."

Global Organization Development Leader

Ambassador for Equine-Assisted Leadership Development


As a global executive and change catalyst, my expertise lies in driving transformative organizational shifts towards a future marked by growth, profitability, diversity, and social impact. Drawing from leadership roles spanning sales, operations, manufacturing, supply chain, and HR, I offer a nuanced perspective tailored for navigating the complexities of today’s business environment.

In my role as a trusted board advisor, I specialize in delivering strategic insights, particularly guiding private and family-controlled enterprises towards innovative and sustainable strategies. My distinguished career encompasses executive HR and business strategy roles in multinational enterprises across CPG, life sciences/biotech, and technology.

Beyond traditional metrics, my focus extends to shaping impactful social strategies and spearheading global organizational development initiatives. Having lived and worked across the UK, France, China, and North America, I bring a wealth of global leadership experience, steering teams across 60 countries on 6 continents.

With a track record of creating new capabilities and achieving substantial OPEX savings through visionary business process redesign and global restructuring, I am positioned to contribute to the strategic direction of organizations. My commitment to shaping a future where businesses thrive aligns seamlessly with the evolving landscape, making me a valuable asset in steering organizations towards continued success.

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