"Welcome Courage. You’re late. But come on in."
Former Speaker of the House Mike Busch


Central to my professional journey is a results-driven leadership style that ensures the effective orchestration of teams, maintaining a steadfast focus on achieving goals while avoiding distractions in trivial details. In my role as a pragmatic and strategic risk-taker, I thrive on discerning high-reward opportunities and formulating meticulously planned approaches to attain feasible objectives. My expertise lies in successfully coordinating development projects during periods of construction booms, spearheading government reforms in times of scarcity, and adeptly managing public crises with composure. These accomplishments underscore my capacity to confront intricate challenges with strategic vision and unwavering determination.

Armed with a background in Politics from Princeton University, a Juris Doctor from the University of Baltimore Law School, and two decades of government experience in the rooms where decisions are made, my reputation as a decisive strategist and effective communicator has left a positive imprint on the communities and organizations I’ve served, aligning stakeholders and fostering clear communication. My professional journey serves as a testament to the potency of strategy leadership, and the courage to take calculated risks, inspiring others to follow suit.

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